Dr Hilary Jones recommends dandi patch as an excellent solution to underarm sweat! Find out more here…

Sweat naturally without the embarrassment

Experience life without sweat marks, odour or yellow staining
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Wear Colour With Confidence

Say goodbye to sweat marks!
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Don't Let Sweat Get In The Way Of Your Success

Prevent sweaty armpits even in high pressure situations
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Choose The Healthy Way To Protect Against Sweat

Don't risk the dangers of aluminium and parabens
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dandi patch - underarm sweat patches for men and women

What is dandi® patch?

dandi® patch is a new, advanced type of sweat pad. It is here to revolutionise the way that we all treat sweat. 

The dandi® patch is a thin, discreet underarm patch that adheres to the skin. It holds up to 2,000 times the average amount of underarm sweat, traps in armpit odour, prevents embarrassing sweat marks and stops horrible yellow staining.

It is also paraben free and contains no aluminium.

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dandi patch as seen in Vogue, The Hollywood Reporter, This Morning, The Guardian, Cosmopolitan and GQ

Stop putting down clothes you love because they may show sweat marks

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Who can use dandi® patch?

dandi® patch is suitable for men and women of all ages!

dandi® patch provides a great solution for the millions of people out there who suffer with the feeling of sweaty armpits, excessive underarm sweating or hyperhidrosis; removing the anxiety, frustration and embarrassment that sweat causes.

The patches are being used by several celebrity fashion stylists and popular mainstream TV shows including The Voice. They are quickly becoming a must-have fashion accessory that keeps your outfit perfect and confidence high.

Many people are also concerned about the potential dangers linked to parabens and aluminium present in deodorants and antiperspirants. Thankfully, dandi® patch does not contain these, giving everyone an effective, safer alternative that is also suitable for cancer patients to use.

Additionally, dandi® patch advanced sweat pads are an excellent option for those who simply want to protect their clothing; whether that is from unsightly yellow sweat stains, odour staining or to cut down on dry cleaning bills.


I never thought I'd ever find a product that would hide sweat patches, and I'm so glad I've found yours.

Chloe Evans, Birmingham

This has worked miracles for me. The sweat patch sticks onto the underarm, it is not at all uncomfortable and you are guaranteed results. This is amazing!

Simone Wilson, London

I was so impressed at how well they worked, I got my boyfriend to try them and he loved them too.  Now keeps pinching mine!

Tracey Grover

I wore them for a very enjoyable night out and forgot I was wearing them. I woke up the next morning and they were still on! They're great!

Felicity Davis

Dandi patch has changed my life! I did keep checking it for the first hour, but realised they weren't going to fall off and felt very confident after that. I wore them all day! Amazing!

Louise Creedy

I wore them my whole shift and for the first time ever, had no sweat patches. To say I am thrilled would be an understatement.

Laura Mills

I feel 100% more confident when wearing my dandi patches. They are comfortable and I forget I am wearing them. I could actually raise my arms without having to think about whether I have awful sweat marks - I love them!

Susan Clarke

Just perfect - thank you for making my life so much easier. 

Jane Trainor

They're so comfortable and easy to apply I don't even know I'm wearing them, except that my problem perspiration is a thing of the past. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone with a busy, demanding lifestyle.

Melissa Keighley, Kent

Be dry, be confident, be at your best!

If you suffer from sweat you are not alone, statistics show that over 33% of the population feel that they sweat excessively. Finally, with dandi® patch you can now enjoy life to the full; don't let sweat get in your way.